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Media Player Mobile Application

The Media player application which is developed for both androd and ios platform as a Native Application. It focuses on streamin media files from cloud storage. It also has feature like instragram to make and like posts.

Lead Generation

We have created several Lead Generation Projects in which based on client requirements we helped them import Leads Data into database, and then the end user was able to purchase that on pricing mechanism.

Investment Simulation Tool

The Tool focuses on taking multiple inputs from end user as which resources they want to invest with, based on that the output is the investment requirement that are given to them.

E-Learning Web Based

E-Learning is a two sided Web based application which we created using ReactJS Framework. It involves both Student and Instructor Role and platform helps connect the providers and the learners.

E-Learning Mobile Application

To make Learning on Internet more handy the product of Web is also modeled to have a Mobile Application which can easily be installed and used by both Instructors and Students to manage there courses and schedules. It helps in nice mannered push notifications.

Online Certification Platform

This platform has the online option of buying Certificate Programs from Adobe and Microsoft. The distribution of purchase vouchers and Scheduling is done by online medium itself.

Buscalead , USA

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Hosted Course Tool

This platform serves the recorded courses to the students thus can be seen and accessed from anywhere and anytime.It also focuses on automated certification, quizes and exams.